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PentaWare, Inc. announces the release of Version 15.1


PentaWare, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Version 15.1  of its flagship products PentaZip, PentaZip-PRO and PentaSuite-PRO. This version offers new Cloud Support features and adds enhanced Digital Signature Configuration options to our PKI client solution PentaPKI.

The following are the key highlights of this latest release:

  • Creating PDF files from cloud. We have extended our Cloud Interface to include PentaPDF. Users can now convert files to PDF also from and to supported cloud storage folders. (available only in PentaZip-PRO and PentaSuite-PRO).
  • Editing PDF files from cloud. We have extended our Cloud Interface to include PentaPDF Editor. Users can now also edit, combine, convert to PDF/A, sign and encrypt PDF files from a supported  cloud storage folder. (available only  in PentaZip-PRO and PentaSuite-PRO).
  • Thumbnail view for cloud folders. We have added a thumbnail view option for image files (and other file types for which a thumbnail provider is available in the system) on supported cloud folders.
  • PentaPKI. We have added a configuration window to PentaPKI that allows users to set the PKI parameters for digital signing features, including PDF signatures. This feature takes account of  the EU Services Directive implemented in the user’s country (currently we support Italy, Germany and Spain) regardless of how the system language parameter has been set (available only in  PentaSuite-PRO).

PentaWare, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of Version 15.

Cloud over the Alps

PentaWare, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability starting today, September 29, 2016, of Version 15 of its flagship products PentaZip, PentaZip-PRO e PentaSuite-PRO. All of PentaWare’s products compress data files (using among others ZIP, ZIP64, ZGB, BZip2, ARC, ARJ, LZH/LHa, CAB, GZ). PDF creation is a staple feature and has been for over 10 years. Cryptographic protection and PDF editing are also stable components of PentaZip-PRO and PentaSuite-PRO. Our latest version is Windows 10 compatible and offers extended Cloud support. Among the Cloud solutions  supported are GoogleDrive®, DropBox®, Amazon®. Other Cloud solutions will be made available in the coming months.  Use of Strong Encryption is an added plus for the protection of sensitive data included in PDF’s as well as in archives created using PentaZip-PRO e PentaSuite-PRO. The main features of Version 15 in a nutshell are:

  • Windows 10 support
  • Cloud Support which allows you to create compressed archives directly in Cloud folders using files already in the cloud.
    Cloud support is currently available for :
  1. Amazon®,
  2. Azure®,
  3. Box®,
  4. Dropbox®,
  5. Google Drive®,
  6. One Drive®.

Support for other Cloud solutions will be added to upcoming releases.

  • Cloud based File Management – Use of PentaZip, PentaZip-PRO and PentaSuite to manage compressed files in the cloud without any preparation or extra configuration is standard, You won’t need to use other proprietary utilities to manage cloud stored files. File synchronization is standard.
  • Watermark added during compression : the purpose is to protect images from unauthorized copies. This allows for file tracking and enhanced intellectual property protection. Briefly explained, a user defined text and watermark are added to images when those images are inserted in a PentaZip compressed archive if the user decides to use that feature. Watermarking is available for the most common types of image files and PDF files

New Site

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Welcome to the new PentaWare Site!

We have updated the way in which information is presented to give you a new user experience.

Our new site is based on a content management system that can give you information regardless of the device you will use, as well as RSS feed readers and social networks.

We hope you like our new site!