penta-cli COMMAND LINE INTERFACE (CLI)- DESKTOP VERSION PentaCLI-PRO is our professional Suite of Command Line Interface programs for PentaZIP-PRO and PentaSuite-PRO. We designed it for professional IT users but even users that have no prior DOS programming experience can use it thanks to the powerful Command Line Wizard which is part of the CLI package. PentaCLI-PRO is one of the very few Desktop software products that creates PGP Encrypted files as well as PDF files from the Command Line  

What is CLIWhat does CLI do?How to use CLI CLI Wizard Compare CLI Features
The PentaWare Command Line Interface (PentaCLI) is available in two Versions: The Basic version consists of three programs that:

  1. Create Compressed Archives, using chZip
  2. Extract files from Compressed Archives, using chUnzip
  3. Create Self Extracting Files (called “SFX”), using chSFX

The Basic Version is included in all PentaWare products. The PRO version of PentaCLI is an integral part of PentaZip-PRO and PentaSuite-PRO. It supplies users with more command line interface programs that are fully integrated with those offered by the basic version. The number of available CLI programs varies in PentaZip-PRO and PentaSuite-PRO as outlined in our CLI Feature Comparison. These are the functions PentaCLI-PRO has to offer:

  1. Strong Encryption, using chCrypt (AES, DES, 3DES, Blowfish, Mars, etc., PGP [only PentaSuite-PRO])
  2. Sending and Receiving email Messages (with attachments), using chMail
  3. Burning CD’s and DVD’s, using chCD.
  4. Converting Graphics and Doc files to and from other supported formats, using pzvConv [only PentaSuite-PRO]
  5. Batch printing of printable files, using pzvPrint
  6. PDF Creation, including Encryption and Digital Signatures, using pzvPDF
  7. Conversion between PDF versions, including conversion to PDF/A-1b or PDF/A-2b, using pzvPDFVer [only PentaSuite-PRO]
  8. FTP – File Transfer Protocol, including encrypted FTP using SSL/TLS with chFTP
  9. Digitally Signing and/or Encrypting data using (PKI) X.509 Certificates with pzvPKI [only PentaSuite-PRO]

A very convenient Command Line Wizard that will make the creation of command line strings a snap is also included!  

The purpose of the PentaWare Command Line Interface is to give our users a means to create unattended procedures that can be used on a recurring basis to perform backups, to save data (images, movies, documents, etc.) in the convenient and well known zip format as well as to perform other tasks. Using PentaCLI-PRO you can:

  1. Encrypt files
  2. Compress and Decompress files and folders
  3. Convert Zip archives into a Self Extracting files
  4. Copy files and archives to a CD or to a DVD
  5. Send and receive messages using email
  6. Upload or download files and folders using FTP
  7. Convert Files into one of the many supported file formats [only PentaSuite-PRO]
  8. Print Files.
  9. Change the PDF Versions of PDF Documents [only PentaSuite-PRO]
  10. Convert files into PDF Documents

In addition you can:

  1. create one or more batch files containing command line interface procedures
  2. create a shortcut on your desktop that leads to a batch file containing command line procedures
  3. place a batch file containing command line procedures in the PentaZip Scheduler to achieve unattended and recurring execution

These are just some examples of what you can do. The PentaWare Command Line Interface is useful for Network Administrators that have to plan, design and deploy automated tasks for their users or for themselves. It is also useful for the home user that wants to manage his or her data. Use the Command Line Wizard (included in the CLI package) to prepare command line strings quickly and easily avoiding the drudgery of hand coding.

You must insert the references to the PentaZip or PentaSuite program folders in your Path to be able to use the command line programs chZip, chUnzip, chSfx, etc.. To do so you must:

  1. Open a CMD (a.k.a. MS-DOS) window
  2. Insert the PATH command

For PentaSuite-PRO

PATH=%PATH%;C:Program FilesPentaWarePentaSuite16.0\Common;C:Program FilesPentaWarePentaSuite16.0\Sfx;C:Program FilesPentaWarePentaSuite15.1\Script

For PentaZip Products

PATH=%PATH%;C:Program FilesPentaWarePentaZip16.0\Common;C:Program FilesPentaWarePentaZip16.0\Sfx;C:Program FilesPentaWarePentaZip16.0\Script

  1. You are now ready to use the Command Line Interface.
Icon_CLIThe PentaCLI Wizard is a program that PentaWare has created to make the creation of command line strings a snap. This handy GUI type tool allows you to fully concentrate on the things you need to when you are preparing a command line string. You just have to select the command line program you wish to work with, choose the options you need and our wizard will prepare the corresponding command line string using the proper syntax for you, thus eliminating completely the risk of syntax errors that have always been a problem with command line programs and hand-coded command line processing. The program offers the following:

  • Menu and toolbar commands
  • Selection of the Command Line program you want to make a command line string for
  • Interactive updating of the command window
  • Creation of Batch Files
  • Execution of current Command string
  • Syntax checking for all the PentaCLI programs
Compare the availability of CLI features in our Desktop versions to see which product best suits your needs:

CLI program and function PentaZip PentaZip-PRO PentaSuite-PRO 
chZip – create new and add files to existing Compressed Archives  yes   yes yes
chUnzip – extract files from Compressed Archives   yes   yes  yes
chSFX – create and manage self extracting files (called “SFX”) [presently only for ZIP format]   yes   yes yes
chCrypt – strongly encrypt Compressed Archives (AES, DES, Triple DES, MARS, Blowfish,Serpent, PGP).   red_X_35   yes(without PGP)  yes(with PGP)
chCD – burning data to CD’s and DVD’s   red_X_35   yes  yes
chMail – sending and receiving email messages (with attachments)   red_X_35   yes  yes
chFTP – transferring files via FTP, including encrypted FTP using SSL/TLS   red_X_35   yes  yes
pzvPDF – Creation of PDF files, including encryption and digital signatures   red_X_35   yes  yes
pzvPrint – batch printing of printable files   red_X_35   yes yes
pzvConv – Conversion between different file formats   red_X_35   red_X_35 yes
pzvPDFVer – Conversion between PDF versions, including conversion to PDF/A-1b or PDF/A-2b   red_X_35   red_X_35 yes
CLI Wizard – GUI type tool to make creation of CLI strings a snap. Just select the options and let the wizard take care of the correct syntax.   yes   yes yes
pzvPKI – Digitally Signing and/or Encrypting Data using X.509 PKI Certificates red_X_35 red_X_35 yes
  64 Bit Support All PentaWare products work properly and as expected on 32- and 64-bit systems as is required by Microsoft Certification Rules. Regardless of whether the platform is 32-bit or 64-bit, ZIP is offered as 32-bit (compatible with version 2.04g) as well as 64-bit. 64-bit archives produced using PentaZip can be opened using competing products. 64-bit archives produced using competing products such as WinZip and PKZip are properly opened and can be extracted from using PentaZip as well as our Command Line versions.