For assistance with any of your PentaWare software issues,
please visit our online helpdesk

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Support can be needed for a variety of reasons:

Online HelpDesk

For assistance with any of your PentaWare software issues, please visit our online helpdesk

Downloading Issues

PentaWare products can be downloaded from multiple FTP and HTTP servers. The number of anonymous users that can download at the same time is limited so that (if this limit is reached) you may get a couple of “error” messages when you try to download. There may be cases in which the server will prompt you for a username and password or it may even tell you that there are too many anonymous users and to try again later. If you do get one of these messages, you should try a different link or the same link until you are allowed access to the file. The use of FTP generally allows resumption of interrupted downloads.

Serial Number/Registration Code

We only distribute one version of our software for every supported language. Each PentaWare software product installation kit is delivered as “Shareware”. Such kits are subject to partially expire after 15 days from the date of installation. To make a PentaWare demo version become a “Full” version you need to insert a Serial Number (also referred to as Registration Code) that you will obtain from PentaWare after you have purchased a license for a PentaWare product from our E-Commerce store.

Once you have received your Serial Number you can register your PentaWare product. The next time you see the nag screen (it appears every time you start one of the PentaWare programs which have not been registered) press the ‘Registration’ button to open the ‘Registration’ section of the Product Configuration, insert your Serial Number in the relevant input field and press ‘Register’ to change your demo version into a fully licensed version. Please see also page How to change a Demo Version to a Full Version for a detailed description of the registration procedure.

Issues concerning Online Purchases Customer Service:

For inquiries regarding order status, license files, refunds, etc. relating to online store purchases, please contact

Ordering Issues

contact us :

  • by email through
  • by phone at 1-888-998-1492 (in NH and outside the U.S. 1-603-929-9828)
  • by fax at 1-603-218-6044

Registering your copy of a PentaWare program

There are a number of good reasons to register your copy of a PentaWare program. By doing so you are entitled to:

  • technical support
  • receive early notification of product upgrades
  • be informed of new product announcements and special offers we make from time to time

To register your product, just fill in the Product Registration form on our web page.

If you purchased a boxed version of a PentaWare product you may optionally also complete the Registration Card that is packed inside the PentaWare program box and mail or fax it to:

PentaWare, Inc.
One New Hampshire Avenue
Suite 125
Portsmouth, NH 03801
fax 1-603-218-6044

Miscellaneous Issues

There are numerous ways to search for an answer to a question concerning a PentaWare program.

  1. on the web site consult the Frequently Asked Questions – (“FAQ”) web page
  2. Visit the PentaWare online helpdesk.
  3. If all else fails, you may contact PentaWare’s Customer Service at:


Phone: 1-603-929-9828 (ask for Customer Service)
NOTE: Phone hours for this number are Mon-Fri – 9am to 5pm (Eastern time).
Fax:      1-603-218-6044 (send ATTN: Customer Service)
Email:  U.S. and Canada –

Mail address:   PentaWare, Inc.
One New Hampshire Avenue
Suite 125
Portsmouth, NH 03801

How to Install PentaWare Software

1. After you have finished downloading the PentaWare software you wish to install, open the destination folder you chose and double click on the Windows Installer .msi file to start the installation process. If you need to download a copy of our software, just access the Download Registration form on our Web site. Once that form is filled out (make sure that you insert a valid email address), an email with a download link will be sent to you.

2. Once the installation process begins, you will go through a number of screens asking you to agree to the license agreement, to select the installation folder and other things. Keep pressing “Next” until you have completed the installation.

Registration - How to change a Demo Version to a Full Version

PentaWare programs are all sold as Shareware.

Our programs need a Serial Number (also called Registration Code or License Key) to become “Full” versions. You will receive your Serial Number from PentaWare when you purchase your license. Large Installations need to organize the logistics of distribution and this gets done together with PentaWare’s sales staff.

Until this Serial Number has been inserted, each program will be a 15 day Demo and a screen similar to the one below will appear each time any PentaWare program will start.

Once the 15 day trial period is over, you will still be able to use PentaZip or PentaSuite for ZIP archives (zipping and unzipping) and for limited viewing using Notepad.

In some cases, PentaWare will issue an extension License allowing the trial period to go beyond the standard of 15 days from initial installation. For more information concerning trial period extensions please write to

Where to get a Serial Number/Registration Code

If you have downloaded and purchased one of our products from one of our authorized sites you’ll receive your Serial Number together with the purchase receipt via email from PentaWare.

If you purchased a boxed version of a PentaWare product you’ll find your Serial Number on the registration card included in the CD distribution package.

What to do with the Serial Number/Registration Code

Once you have received your Serial Number, you can register your PentaWare product. This can be done clicking on the Registration button located on the ‘reminder screen’ that appears every time you start one of the PentaWare programs which have not been registered:


This will open the ‘Registration Section” of the Program Configuration window:

Registration entry

Insert your Serial Number (by copying/pasting or typing it manually) in the corresponding input field.

Once you have inserted the number, press the Register button located next to the input field to finish the Registration process. Your program will then be fully licensed what can be told from the modified License Type information which switches from Trial to Full.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products

1. I'm using a previous version of PentaZip. How can I upgrade to the latest version of PentaZip, PentaZip-PRO or PentaSuite-PRO?
2. I have created a .zip file with the option 'save path' selected but when I unzip the files, they are unzipped outside their original folders. What am I doing incorrectly?
3. Is it possible zip and unzip files by command line?
4. Is PentaZip compatible with DCL (Data Compression Library)?
5. Is it possible to compress files larger than 2GB or make compressed archives larger than 4GB?
6. My Scanner puts images into the TIF format. I would like to be able to convert these images to the JPG format, to conserve hard drive space and to make the images easy to send attached to an E Mail. Does your software do this?
7. I understand that PentaZip supports compression of MP3 files, but when I have zipped these it seems to make little difference to file size : e.g.: 2895620 byte reduced to 2878198 byte. Please can you advise if this sounds correct.
8. How can PentaZip/PentaSuite help me to protect my files from Virus attacks?
9. What do I have to do if I receive a compressed archive that is not in ZIP format?
10. How can I send a file by email if the size of that file is bigger than the size some email servers will accept?
11. I need to perform backups even when I am not in the office. How can I do it?

We strive to make products that are:

  1. user friendly and robust
  2. modern and intuitive
  3. fast and complete

The main reason our products are the way they are today is due to our users. We have always encouraged feedback and we want to go one step further by providing you with a means to tell us what you think of us and our products and how you would improve or change our products.

We also would like to receive reports/white paper documents explaining how our products have helped you personally or have been useful where you work or study.

First Name
Last Name
Would you like us to call you? YesNo
If so please insert A phone number to call you at

the time of day (and your time zone) you would like us to call you
Would you like to send us a white Paper about PentaZip and/or PentaSuite and how either one or both have been of use to you? YesNo
What are the things you like most about our products? (600 char)
What are the things you don't like about our products?
Any other pertinent remarks

This is for users to Register the following PentaWare Products:

  • PentaZip
  • PentaZip-PRO
  • PentaSuite-PRO

Please fill in the information on this form to:

  • be entitled to technical support
  • receive early notification of product upgrades
  • be informed of new product announcements and special offers we make from time to time

Read our Privacy Statement for your peace of mind.

Title (if applicable)
First Name
Last Name
Company (if applicable)
State or Province
Zip Code
The software I am registering is:
Where did you buy our software?
Data of purchase
Number of Users for this license
Number of PC's at your site 1-2425-99100-9991000+
Is your PC connected to a modem? YesNo
Number of PC's you supervise 1-2425-99100-9991000+
What do you use your PC for? GamesHomeWorkOther
Are you using a laptop or a desktop computer? laptopdesktop
What is the principal line of business of your company? ComputerHardwarePetroleumManufacturingComputer SoftwareBanking/FinanceConstructionInsuranceCommunicationsJournalismLegalEducationCity/States/GovernmentServicesAutomotiveTransportationOther
How would you classify your computer knowledge? BeginnerAcceptableExpert
Contact me for Updates YesNo

Please tell us what you think about the PentaWare product you are using.

Compression with PentaZip

The following tables list the formats that are supported by our compression tools PentaZip and PentaZip Shell  for:

Compressing and Extracting Files
Copying Files between Compressed Archives
Converting between Compression Formats
Encoding and Decoding Emails



Formats supported by PentaView, PentaWare’s Single File Viewer.  The following tables describe the formats and types of files that can be viewed and converted by our file viewer PentaView:

Graphics Files
Digital Photography Files
Multimedia Files
Documents and Spreadsheets
Please note: PentaView allows to convert a single file at a time using the “Save As” command. Users who need to convert multiple files at a time (batch conversion) may be interested in our format conversion utility PentaConverter which is available with PentaSuite-PRO.