Our Products side by side PentaWare offers different products to satisfy the needs of different users.

  • PentaZip is our base program for Compression and File Viewing.
  • PentaZip-PRO is the advanced version of our classic compression tool which in addition offers powerful PDF Creation and PDF Editing features.
  • PentaSuite-PRO is our flagship file management program that offers more than 18 different powerful utilities as shown in this feature comparison.
  • PentaCLI-PRO is our full featured Command Line Interface that is included as integral part in PentaZip-PRO and in PentaSuite-PRO.

Compare the features below to see which of our products best suits your needs.

no= Feature not includedyes= Feature included
Server Version available
Server Version availableyesyesyes
Command Line Interface
Command Line Interface – Base version (zip, unzip, sfx) yesyesyes
Command Line Interface – PRO version (CD/DVD, strong encryption, email,  FTP, PDF, batch printing)noyes yes
Command Line Interface – PRO version (file format conversion, conversion between PDF versions)nonoyes
Command Line Interface – PRO version (digitally signing and encrypting using PKI X.509 certificates)nonoyes
Command Line Wizard – a GUI type utility to make the use of CLI programs much easieryes yesyes