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Where to get a Digital Certificate

Class 1 Digital Certificates for individuals are intended for email and can be used for digitally signing documents

The following is a list of Certificate Authorities that issue Class 1 X.509 Digital Certificates that can be used to digitally sign PDF files.

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  • Verisign

  • Thawte

  • Globalsign

  • Comodogroup

There are numerous other Certification Authorities that issue Class 1 X.509 Digital Certificates. The list above is solely meant to supply some examples and is not intended to be a referral or suggestion to purchase from any of the above organizations. These Certification Authorities allow you to try out their products before bying. Free tests vary in terms of allowed time.

More information can be obtained from the Versign Knowledgebase for Class 1 Certificates called "Digital ID Support". Some of the topics are:

  1. How do I renew a Class 1 Digital ID with the Challenge Phrase?
  2. Error: "Your digital ID name cannot be found by the underlying security system".
  3. How do I renew a Class 1 Digital ID without the Challenge Phrase?
  4. Enroll for a Class 1 Digital ID.
  5. How do I replace a Class 1 Digital ID with the Challenge Phrase?
  6. How do I revoke a Class 1 Digital ID?
  7. Error: Microsoft Outlook had problems encrypting this message because the following recipients had missing or invalid certificates.
  8. Outlook 2003 has blocked .cer attachment.
  9. Lost Class 1 Digital ID due to computer crash.
  10. Why am I asked for a password when using my Class 1 Digital ID?

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