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Requesting Digital Certificates through Firefox

There are numerous CA's (Certification Authorities) that issue Class 1 (as defined by Version) Digital Id Certificates.

In this example we will show how Globalsign has set up its website. Verisign, Thawte and others offer similar services.

Click here for definitions of Digital Id Certificates.

The procedure Globalsign has put in place foresees:

  1. Verifying the "Root Certificate"

  2. Submitting personal information and your email address

  3. Receiving an email with a password

  4. Entering your password

  5. Providing personal data that will be included in the Digital Id certificate you are requesting

Firfox handles high grade (2048 bit strength) and medium grade (1024 bit strength) X.509 certificates. Internet Explorer handles medium grade X.509 certificates (1024 bit strength).

PentaPDF-PRO supports 1024 bit certificates.

This level was selected because 1024 bit is currently the maximum grade certificate that Internet Explorer will handle.

  1. Accepting the CA's Agreement by clicking on "Agree" (go to the next step)

  2. Receiving a link to download your new certificate

  3. Installing your certificate. This will be performed by your browser (Internet Explorer in this case).

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