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An Example of How PentaCLI-PRO is Being Used

PentaCLI-PRO is made up of 11 programs.
The names of the programs used in this example are in blue (ex. chFTP).
See legend at the bottom of this page for additional information.

stage_99.GIF (4718 bytes)

PentaCLI-PRO Programs used in this example

1_wing.gif (93 bytes) chFTP File transfer from a remote site.
2_wing_a.gif (1671 bytes) chCrypt Decrypt the file received (a ZIP archive encrypted using PGP). The encryption types handled include AES, WinZip, PKZip, DES, autodecrypting AES and others).
3_wing_a.gif (1671 bytes) chUnzip Extract compressed files (in this case a number of Microsoft Word DOC files). Over 15 formats are supported.
4_wing_a.gif (1674 bytes) pzvPDF Convert any printable file type supported by PentaSuite (DOC, HTML, RTF,  TXT, PPT, XLS and most  graphics files). In this case convert the Word DOC Files to PDF.
5_wing_a.gif (96 bytes) chFTP Send PDF file using FTP. Normal FTP and sFTP using SSL/TLS are supported.
6_wing_a.gif (243 bytes) chMail Send an email message (and an attachment if you need to) to an addressee.
7_wing_a.gif (234 bytes) chZip Make a new Compressed archive or add files to an existing Compressed archive.
8_wing_a.gif (246 bytes) chCD Burn CD's or DVD's with data based on a list of files.

This Flow Chart shows an entire Process that a PentaCLI-PRO user created using the PentaCLI Wizard. It only took him a few hours to create all the batch files, test and debug the whole process.

All the above commands are a part of PentaCLI-PRO which is available only when purchasing PentaSuite Premium or PentaZip Premium.

No additional software is required.

Demos_Animated.GIF (2245 bytes) Check out the Animated Demo for the PentaCLI Wizard - You can see how our users create their own Command Line applications quickly and easily without the nuisance of syntax errors that are frequent when users hand code Command Line strings.

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