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PentaWare Tutorials

The following table shows the name of each program in PentaSuite-PRO.  Simply click on the program you want to learn more about and a pop-up window will appear with all available tutorials for that particular program.

General Support These tutorials will show you how (among other things) to install and uninstall PentaWare software.

Image Scan

Image Scan is a program that provides an easy to use platform to scan images and documents from your personal scanner.


Designed as an easy to use tool that anybody can use to prepare a selection of images, place them on an HTML page or on a PDF page and then let other people see.


Is used to view thumbnails of all image files and many document files in a Windows Explorer type setting.


A program that burns files onto the following optical media formats: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW.

PentaCLI-PRO Wizard

A windows GUI type utility called PentaCLI Wizard that makes things much easier when you have to prepare a Command Line string.


Converts files from one format to another. Conversion can be one file at a time or many files all at one time. You can also add a suffix or a prefix to the files you convert.


A program that burns files onto the following optical media formats: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW.


This program was designed to allow you to view Exif information and search for images containing data in the Exif information section of digital images.


was designed as a convenient and easy to use means of saving frames captured from movies (AVI, MPG and MOV) as common graphics files.


A full FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client that includes both normal FTP as well as secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) connectivity.


PentaPDF is offered as a quick and inexpensive means of creating quality PDF files and is an integral part of PentaZip and PentaSuite DigiPhoto.

PentaPDF-PRO is offered as a means to create superior PDF files. This is possible also for very large and complicated Microsoft Word DTP, Adobe Pagemaker and InDesign- Desktop Publishing - documents. Encryption, Digital Signatures and Creation of PDF/A files are available. PentaPDF-PRO is an integral part of PentaZip-PRO, PentaSuite-PRO and PentaSuite Business-PRO. 

PentaPDF Editor

PentaPDF Editor is our newest PDF tool that is used to edit and modify PDF documents.


PGP (also called "Pretty Good Privacy") is an encryption method that scrambles and unscrambles data. It was developed originally by Phil Zimmermann who is now President of the recently created corporation PGP, Inc. Phil Zimmermann and other programmers around the globe have subsequently revised and improved PGP through numerous versions.

PGP is an Asymmetric cryptosystems (public key cryptosystems) because it uses one key (the public key) to encrypt a file (or message or text) and a different key (the private key) to decrypt it.

PGP uses the RSA public-key encryption system. RSA was announced in 1977 by its inventors: Ronald Rivest of MIT, Adi Shamir of the Weizmann Institute in Israel, and Leonard Adelman of USC. It is called "RSA" after the initials of these gentlemen. PGP also employs an encryption system called IDEA.


This is a program that is used to rename single files or numerous files ("batch renaming") at one time.


The PentaZip Scheduler lets you set up events to automatically run at the time you specify. An event can be anything from running a PentaZip Script you've created to launching a program or a batch file.


PentaZip's Script feature lets you create a self running program that will perform routine tasks, such as compressing certain files without having to run PentaZip. Scripts can also be used to perform recurring file extraction tasks


A single file viewer that enables you to open many different formats including Digital Camera RAW images, graphics and CAD images, multimedia files (single frame capture is available as well) and documents and spreadsheets.


Compression is a technique that you can use to have files use less space than they normally would.

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