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Creating New Digitally Signed PDF's

If you have chosen to sign your PDF document using a Visible Signature, pressing the Create PDF button on the PentaPDF Options screen will make the Digital Signature Viewing Screen appear, prompting you to indicate where on the resulting PDF document you want the image of your digital signature to be placed.

The screen shows a preview of the PDF document that will be created. It has two sections:

The upper section:

  1. Select between the "Hand" cursor and the "Cross hair" cursor.

    the "Hand" cursor gets used when you want to move the page around in order to choose the location for the digital signature place holder. You can also use the scrollbars to do this.
    the "Cross hair" cursor gets used to draw the digital signature place holder.

  2. Select the specific page on which you want the Digital Signature to be applied, you can:
    1. go to the first page
    2. go to the previous page
    3. insert a specific page
    4. move to the next page
    5. go to the last page
  3. Enlarge the doucment view using the zoom factor

The lower section:

Once you have selected the page and position you want the Digital Signature to be placed, draw the Placeholder for the image of your Digital Signature:

  • make sure that the cross hair cursor is selected,
  • position the cursor where you want the signature image to start,
  • press the left mouse button,
  • keeping the left mouse button pressed, drag your mouse to draw a rectangle on the document view.

Once you release the left mouse button a shaded Placeholder together with the Digital Signature Data screen will appear in that area. The placeholder represents the position and size of your digital signature image on the document, while the Digital Signature Data screen gives a preview of how the digital signature will look. It shows the details of the Certificate used for signing and the signing time as well as the background color that has been set for the digital signature on the Signature Tab. You can enlarge this screen for better viewing by clicking on the screen and dragging its borders with your mouse, keeping the left mouse button pressed. When all is correct, press the OK button to close the Digital Signature Data screen.

Check the check box if you want to save the signature position and use it for future uses. This is helpful if you have to digitally sign multiple documents that have similar formatting. Once saved you can use the Use Saved Position option on the PDF Options Signature Tab to sign your files using a visible signature without being prompted with the digital signature viewing screen.

When you are all set, press to complete processing of your Digitally signed PDF file.

The following is an example of a PDF file signed using a visible Digital Signature.

If you decide NOT to create a Signed PDF file press .

You will be presented with 3 possible choices:

1 Create this PDF file with an Invisible Digital Signature. The document will be verifiable based on its Digital Signature. There will simply be no graphical reference on the PDF page or pages but the Digital Signature will be present and the Security flag ("Show Signatures") will be visible when viewing the PDF document.
2 Create this PDF file with no Digital Signature at all. The resulting file will be a normal unsigned PDF file.
3 Abort PDF creation (stop processing a new PDF file now). This will not produce any output at all.

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